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All Fours Rules

Alumni Association of Presentation College Chaguanas (AAPCC) UNITE 2022
All Fours Rules

1. The first round of the tournament begins at 2pm sharp.

  1. Brackets will be filled randomly and will follow a knockout format, best of 3 games.

  2. Game is 2 points.

  3. Renead/Renege is bullseye.

  4. Undertrump is bullseye, unless player is down to trump.

  5. Trump and follow suit rule does not apply.

  6. Players must say “beg” and “take one”. No knocking of the table to indicate begging.

  7. Players can stand up without trump, but cannot give one without trump.

  8. Misdeal is one point and the deck is passed to the player on the right.

  9. Kick to bottom of the pack stands, the dealer retains the pack and keeps any points


  10. If a card is kicked in hand, points kicked will not be allowed. Pack must be placed on

    table before kicking.

  11. If two or more cards are turned up while kicking, mis-deal may be claimed and one

    point is given to the opposing side.

  12. Dealer must pass to the player on the left to cut before the first card is dealt. Failure to

    do so may result in one point to the opposing side if claimed.

  1. Teams can register via email ( by providing a name and contact number; or on the day of competition before 1:30pm.

  2. Entry per team is $100 and must be paid by the cut off time of 1:30pm.

  3. There must be at least 1 Pres alumni member participating in any given team.

  1. A card is considered played once it has made contact with the card table.

  2. All other basic rules apply.

  3. Players have 3 minutes to get to their assigned tables when each round begins. Late

    teams will forfeit their games.

  4. In the event that a player is unable to play a particular game, he/she may be subbed

    with a stand-in.

  5. Stand-ins MAY NOT be another player eligible to play in the Tournament, and they

    must be approved by the referees before play takes place. Failure to do so may result

    in the forfeit of that game.

  6. Any team found cheating will be automatically disqualified and as such understands

    that it has foregone its chance to further participate. Dishonesty is not tolerated at


  7. If there are any disputes on the table, teams are required to consult one of the AAPCC

    match referees to have the issue sorted out.

  8. Referees have the right to disqualify any team at any time for verbal abuse, fighting or any dispute that results in games being prolonged. If players do not report disputes to the referees, this may also result in disqualification from either the entire tournament, or the forfeiting of a game as resolved by the referees.

  9. Players are reminded that in order to have a successful, timely tournament the rules will be adhered to without exception.

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