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Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

Today, we successfully hosted another Pres5K event, with approximately 800 participants and 1400 event attendees. Our commitment to delivering a product we can be proud of remains unwavering, and for the majority of you, we achieved just that.

During today's race, a group of around 5 runners inadvertently took a wrong turn while following a police support vehicle. As an organization, we deeply regret this mistake.


Despite our efforts, which included coordinating 30 support marshals, clearly marking all turns with cones, and repeatedly informing registrants, this unfortunate incident occurred. We want to emphasize that we do not seek to blame our dedicated police officers or race marshals, both of whom we are grateful for. The responsibility lies squarely with us.

Immediately after the race, we addressed the concerns of the affected runners and decided to award them tied third positions, based on their times, which would have otherwise earned them podium finishes. This resulted in a total of 5 men on the podium.

Our commitment to quality and success remains steadfast, and we make every endeavor to achieve it. In this spirit, we invite all runners who were affected to share their concerns with us as we strive to provide an improved experience.


To the other 750-plus finishers who were not affected, we still welcome your valuable feedback.

We want to express our gratitude for your support and assistance as we proudly represent Presentation.


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Tel: 1-(868)-365-PRES(7737)



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